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ATS Trends and Records - NFL Week 8

The San Francisco 49ers have the largest ATS Margin in the NFL.

After 7 weeks, the NFL picture is becoming more clear and more muddled. Teams like the 49ers and the Patriots are absolutely dominating the NFL and the spread. The Miami Dolphins and the Atlanta Falcons have also showed their true colors but to a different extreme. These teams have been historically bad and a combined 3-10 ATS. Yet, the Bucs, Raiders, and Cardinals have been remarkably close to their spreads. Through a different betting metric, the 49ers and Bills are a combined 10-2 to the under. There are so many actionable angles to consider when looking at the ATS Margin, ATS record and total record. We have all the information you need in our ATS Trends and Records - Week 8.

NFL ATS Team Records

Against the Spread Margin


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