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Determine Your Sports Betting Worth (Free Bet Tracking Sheet)

The vast majority of sports bettors are betting for entertainment purposes. Sure, they may want to win money, but truthfully, they just want to get their heart pumping. They sprinkle a little bit on a weeknight prime-time game, parlay the heavy favorites on the Saturday slate and bet the long odds of the first touchdown scorer in every NFL game on the board. It's just a few dollars per play, but it's worth the investment. A winning ticket is a reason to brag, a loser a reason to bemoan. Either way, it is water cooler fodder.

If you were to ask these casual bettors if they were a net winner or loser, they would undoubtedly think their worth is higher than reality. Similarly, there was a recent study done that concluded people find themselves to be more attractive than others perceive them to be. For instance, I asked my wife, the person who married me and is supposedly in love with me, what she thinks the percentile of my attractiveness is. She without hesitation responded, "75%". Even follically challenged and on the precipice of my 40th birthday, I am convinced I'm in the 95th percentile. Self-perception of our betting and attractiveness is one and the same, and it can be a serious problem.

Unfortunately, I have no answers regarding your general cosmetic appeal. The best you can hope for is to find someone who knows you and loves you anyway. There is, however, something you can do to determine your sports betting acumen and it doesn't require elective surgery or catfishing. Simply tracking your bets will determine whether or not you are making or losing money.

I know what you are thinking. Tracking plays is difficult, time-consuming, and boring. You want to yell at the refs, chest bump friends in celebration, and cry to co-workers about your bad beats. Who's got time to create a tracking system that will determine your wins, losses, percentages, and ROI for each individual sport and overall? Ain't nobody got time for that!

I completely agree, which is why I'm giving you mine for free. Simply click on the link below and make a copy to start determining your true sports betting worth. There are websites that will help you do the same. Feel free to choose them instead. If you think you can make one better, go for it. You won't hurt my feelings. After all, this isn't the greatest sports betting tracking sheet ever made. It is probably only in the 75th percentile. My goal is not to have you use my tracking sheet but to use yours. You could be losing a lot more money than you realize for "entertainment" purposes.



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