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Action: A wager of any kind on a game.


Against the Spread (ATS): A team's record against the point spread.


Arbitrage: Betting different sides of a game at different markets in order to lock in a profit.


Backdoor Cover: When a team scores unexpectedly at the end of the game to cover the spread.


Bankroll: Funds to bet with.


Book: A person or place that takes bets; short for "sportsbook" or "bookmaker".


Bookie: A person that takes bets and charges vig (usually an illegal enterprise).


Bookmaker: A person who sets lines and takes bets.


Buying Points: Additional points offered by a sportsbook in correlation to the posted line which the bettor can purchase through increased vigorish.


Chalk: The favorite in the game.

Circle Game: A game with lower betting limits.


Closing Line: The last line offered by a sportsbook before the game begins.

Consensus Pick: The majority percentage of wagered plays in a given game.

Contrarian Betting: Betting against the public.


Cover: An outcome of a game in which the team won or loss less than the point spread.


Dime: $1,000 bet


Dog: Short for underdog.


Dollar: $100 bet


Draw: When the result of a game lands on the spread and all wagers are refunded; also known as a "draw".


Edge: An advantage.


Even Money: Odds offered without vigorish. +/-100 odds.


Exotic: Not a straight or parlay bet; also known as a "proposition" or "prop" wager.


Favorite: The team expected to win a game based upon the point spread/odds.


Field: Teams or players not listed in a proposition bet.


Futures Bet: A long term wager, usually season long.


Grand Salami: The total runs/goals that will be accumulated across an entire league on a given day.


Handicapper: A bettor who attempts to predict the winner of a game.


Handle: All the money wagered on a game at a sportsbook.


Hedging: Placing a wager opposite a previously placed bet in order to cut losses or guarantee profit.


Hook: Half-point


In-game Wager: Odds offered during a game by a sportsbook.


Juice: Commission taken by the bookmaker; also known as "vig" or "vigorish".


Key Numbers: Margins in a game that occur most often.

Laying Points: Betting the favorite.


Limit: Maximum bet permitted by a sportsbook.


Lines: Odds


Lock: A guaranteed winner.


Middle: When a bettor tries to bet before and after a line move in an attempt to win both sides with limited risk.


Moneyline: A bet which can be won if the team wins irrespective of the point spread.


Mush: A bettor who is bad luck.


Nickel: A $500 bet.


Oddsmaker: A person who sets the lines; also known as a linemaker and bookmaker.


Off the Board: Odds that are no longer offered by a bookmaker.


Over/Under: The cumulative amount of points that both teams score in a game; also known as the "total".


Parlay: A wager in which multiple teams are bet simultaneously with increased odds.


Pick 'Em: A game that does not have a favorite or underdog.


Point Spread: The number of points a favorite is expected to beat the underdog; also known as the "spread".


Proposition (Prop) Bet: A nontraditional bet on a game or a player; also known as "exotic".


Puck Line: Additional goals added to a hockey game with increased or diminished odds.


Push: When the result of a game lands on the spread and all wagers are refunded; also known as a "draw".


Return on Investment (ROI): Gains or losses on a wager(s).

Reverse Line Movement: A line move opposite of the higher betting percentage.


Run Line: Additional runs added to a baseball game with increased or diminished odds.

Runner: A person who places bets for another person; also known as a "beard".


Sharp: A professional sports bettor.


Square: An amateur, uninformed bettor.


Straight Up: The anticipated winner of a game, a moneyline wager.


Steam: Line movement in reaction to a syndicate of bettors wagers.


Stick: 1 million dollars


Teaser: Betting multiple teams simultaneously with adjusted point spreads and diminished odds.


Total: The accumulated score between teams in a given game; also known as "over/under".


Tout: Someone who sells picks.


Underdog: The team expected to lose a game based upon the point spread; also known as a "dog".


Units: A standard denomination of a wager usually 1-5% of a bettor's bankroll.


Vig/Vigorish: Commission taking by a bookmaker; also known as the "juice".


Wager: A bet


Wiseguy: A professional bettor; also known as a "sharp".

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