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XFL: Week 2 ATS Stats and Trends

With the first week of the revolutionized XFL in the books, the early returns are far better than anyone could have imagined. Although the talent was inferior, the innovations via the rule book and production kept football fans entertained.

On the sports betting front, this version of the XFL is brand new, which meant the oddsmakers had great difficulty in setting the lines. Because of this, the XFL may not offer high limits, but it does provide substantial betting opportunities. At Avoid the Vig, we will be your one-stop shop for insight, data, and against the spread information you need to make money betting the XFL.

Below are a list of XFL teams and their week 1 stats. We will continue to update this information as time progresses and highlight any actionable data that you need to handicap the XFL.

WIN % - Win percentage

ATS % - Against the spread percentage

ATS Margin - Against the spread margin

OVER % - Percentage of games to go over the total

OV MARGIN - Average margin over the total

POINT DIFF - Point differential

OFF PPG - Offensive points per game

DEF PPG - Opponents points per game

1Q DIFFER - 1st quarter point differential

1H DIFFER - 1st half point differential

2H DIFFER - 2nd half point differential

YPP - Offensive yards per play

OPP YPP - Opponent yards per play

RUSH YPG - Rushing yards per game

OPP RYPG- Opponent rushing yards per game

PASS YPG - Passing yards per game

OPP PYG - Opponent passing yards per game

TO DIFF - Turnover differential

1PT CON - 1 point conversion

1PT CON ATT - 1 point conversion attempts

1PT CON % - 1 point conversion percentage

2PT CON ATT - 2 point conversion

2PT CON ATT - 2 point conversion attempts

2PT CON % - 2 point conversion percentage

3PT CON - 3 point conversion

3PT CON ATT - 3 point conversion attempts

3PT CON % - 3 point conversion percentage

#DIV/O! - No data


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