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What is In-Game Betting?

Just as the name suggests, in-game betting is wager placed during a game. This style of betting increases engagement and opportunity for the bettors to take advantage of what they see on the field or court.

In-game betting is also known as in-game or in-play wagering. Most in-game betting is on a side or total, usually with increased vig. It is not uncommon to see a standard vigorish to be at -115 or significantly higher depending on the game action. Oddsmakers will usually increase the juice before changing the number. In-game wagering is typically suspended during game action and then reposted during time-outs or stoppage of play.

Different sportsbooks can offer very different lines and vigorish during in game betting. It is important to have multiple outs and shop your pick before placing an in-game wager.

In-game betting requires a bettor to process information extremely quickly to be effective. An injured player, inclement weather, or obvious mismatches in style or game play can create tremendous betting opportunities. However, far too often, bettors use in-game wagering as a method to chase losing plays, which is why it is extremely important to remain diligent and disciplined when in-game betting.



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