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What is Chasing Steam?

There are sports betting syndicates that pool their resources, most importantly cash, and bet simultaneously to get down as much as they can wherever they can whenever they feel they have actionable value. This "steam" causes the line to adjusts at these sportsbooks instantaneously when the bets are made. However, there is a period of time before other sportsbook recognize the syndicate plays. This provides an opportunity for other bettors to "chase the steam" and bet with the syndicates.

Why Chase Steam?

Syndicates are one of the few people that can move the sportsbetting market, not necessarily because of the bet amounts, but because they win so consistently. When you chase steam, you essentially can bet the same plays and numbers as the syndicates. Over the course of time, this strategy can be quite profitable over time.

How to Chase Steam?

In order to chase steam, the bettor would need to have access to multiple sportsbooks and monitor the lines. When a line moves suddenly at one or multiple sportsbook, the bettor would then bet the line that didn't move at a different sportsbook.

Avoid the Vig

It is difficult to monitor all of your sportsbooks simultaneously. Flipping between apps or driving to different sportsbooks is a timely and arduous task. Having one screen to monitor all of your outs or having a notification system to let you know of line moves, enables the bettor to chase the steam with more efficiency and effectiveness. Avoid the Vig is in the process of building a customizable platform to monitor all lines at all of your sportsbooks and send notifications to you when the line moves. Keep checking Avoid the Vig for updates and even more innovations to help you win consistently.


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