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What is Buying Points?

When you buy points, it essentially means you are paying extra vigorish to move the line in your favor. Selling points is when you get reduced vig for moving the line in a less favorable direction. Typically, every half a point move is a 10% reduction or increase in juice.

In the example below, the Los Angeles Chargers are favored by -2.5 (-110). There are options to move a full point down by sacrificing an additional 10% vig. However, moving to -3.5 the vig jumps 30 full points. Most books will increase the vig going through a key number. Because 3 is the most key number (the NFL favorite wins by 3 points almost 10% of the time), the sportsbook will reward the bettor for sacrificing those points.

Ultimately, buying or selling points is not an advantageous decision. Unless you are getting to or going through a key number, it is usually best to stay put unless your handicap screams the line is way off. If you are buying a lot of points to bet a game, you probably should reconsider betting it entirely.



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