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Props - NFL Week 2

Sportsbooks spend most of their time and attention on the side and total markets, which leaves the player prop wagers wide open. Although the limits are lower for player props, there is still valuable opportunities to capitalize on the book's indifference.

Over the course of the season, we will look to identify player props that offer low risk and high reward plays. We will do this by looking for middling opportunities between books that have an actionable straddle. You do not need to be a football player projectionist or a fantasy prognosticator to take advantage of player props. You just need to find the value in this niche market.

Our NFL Week 1 Props identified actionable value in the Monday Night games. We went three wins and one loss and up 3.32 units. Remember, when attempting to middle props, it is not about the percentage of correct picks. It is solely about the money we make over the course of the season. Minimizing risk and maximizing reward. In Week 1, we did that in a big way.

Prop 1: LOSS (-$14)

1 Units: Ito Smith O20.5 Rushing Yards (DraftKings) 1 Units: Ito Smith U26.5 Rushing Yards (FanDuel) Maximum Risk: $14 Maximum Reward: $200

Prop 2: LOSS (-$12)

1 Units: Robby Anderson O45.5 Receiving Yards (Points Bet) 1 Units: Robby Anderson U53.5 Receiving Yards (FanDuel) Maximum Risk: $12 Maximum Reward: $200

OVERALL: +3.06 Units


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