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Gambling Twitter - New Year's Resolution

It is a new year, a time to think about all we are thankful for, all that we regret, and what we wish to do moving forward. It is time to make resolutions, promises to ourselves and loved ones. We will join a gym in hopes to get in shape, feel better, look better, and perhaps even see the abs of our youth. We will quit vices. We will put down the drink, put out the cigarette, put up with our in-laws. We will stop cursing, spend more time with our kids, learn a new language, instrument, or just learn to let go. We will spend more time with family, friends, or ourselves. We will be happy. We will...because it is our resolution.

I believe it is also time to reflect on the past year and set goals for ourselves for 2020. This is Gambling Twitter's New Year's Resolution.

Be Happy

Twitter has turned into a vile place. From the division on politics to movie reviews, or in our case, sides of a game, the vitriol is palpable and it is everywhere. When it comes to gambling, it is necessary to have different perspectives. After all, they call it sides and every bettor must choose theirs. In the new year, let's debate without chastising, argue without anger, and let reasonable minds disagree.

Write More

Everyone on Gambling Twitter has a feed littered with picks, predictions, and prognostication. Let 2020 be a time where all of us start documenting our plays, keeping track, and holding ourselves accountable. Let us reference our outlandish claims of 67% against the spread picks from actual data. Let this be the year we write more, document, and have full transparency.

Tell the Truth

Gambling Twitter has become a land of legerdemain. Wrong picks, bad plays, and poor records are washed cleaner than laundered money via Twitter's delete function. Gambling Twitter, as a community, let's recognize that removing a tweet does not make us any less wrong. Only through being honest with ourselves and followers can we truly learn from bad experiences and become better bettors.

Take the Good with the Bad

Gambling Twitter, like life itself, is a roads of ups and downs, peaks and valleys, good and bad. Every bad beat comes with a good story. Every miraculous victory, a crisis averted. Let us never get to high on our eight game win streak or lose our minds when we are down 12 units in an afternoon. Life comes at you fast. We have to roll with the punches and learn to take the good with the bad.

Respect Others

Every bet, win or loss, may mean the world to you, but it means absolutely nothing to anyone else. Let's take the time to recognize that no one wants to hear your sob story from your bad beat or the miraculous ending that saved the game, season, and perhaps even your marriage. Let's take this opportunity to recognize that no one cares and we should respect each other by not being braggadocios or whiny.

Call Your Mom

This is not exclusive to Gambling Twitter. This should be a daily exercise for all people. After all, your mom gave birth to you, knows you better than anyone, and loves you anyway. Call your mom.


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