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DraftKings Sportsbook Review

When New Jersey finally legalized sports betting, DraftKings grabbed a large share of the market by being the first legal option to sports bettors. From its inception, DraftKings has offered users an assortment of betting options on a variety of sports and bet types to satisfy just about every customer. With unique odds promotions, actionable odds boosts, and an aggressive sign up package, DraftKings has revolutionized online sports betting.


For being the first company to the market, DraftKings has understandably made its fair share of mistakes. Between mispriced odds and software bugs, DraftKings constantly overcame obstacles by relying on their user friendly customer service, enticing odds boosts, aggressive promotions and sign-up offers. Over the course of their existence, DraftKings has grabbed its share of the "outside of Vegas" sportsbook market and revolutionized the way sportsbooks operate leaving their Vegas competitors in the desert dust.

What We Like

  • DraftKings offers familiarity to most sports bettors outside of Nevada, because they were the first betting option and their fantasy sports platform.

  • The layout offers seamless navigation despite the overwhelming amount of tabs/options on the home screen.

  • Although some of the odds boosts are only marginal, there are some diamonds in the rough, providing significant value and opportunity for the user.

  • DraftKings are one of the first to the market on player props, posting a day or two before game day. Although we still wish there were more options, they deserve kudos for how early they offer the props to begin with. DraftKings is lightyears ahead of William Hill and on par with FanDuel in this department.

  • DraftKings Customer Service has been everything you could expect. They are immediate to notify the user that they have received their question and that someone will be in touch shortly. Within a few hours, the customer services has reached back out and almost always sided with the customer even in the most grey circumstances. They clearly value the customer experience over a few extra dollars.

What We Dislike

  • The DraftKings app has experienced significant bug problems since their launch. Despite many updates and version, this app seams to have just as many problems as others we have tested, particularly with android application. It is not uncommon to have to close out of the app entirely, just to get be able to navigate and bet.

  • After winning consistently for over a year, limits have started to become more strict, particularly with low limit odds boosts.

  • The odds boost marquee banner is clunky, difficult to read, and distracting. This latest addition to the app has certainly been a negative and hasn't encouraged us to take advantage of those odds boosts anymore than the traditional odds boost tab.

  • When signing in, the app constantly requires the password to be typed in despite a biometric scan and pin number option selected. Thankfully, the phone will save the password, but this is an annoying hindrance to just get on to the app itself.

  • The teaser odds simply do not stack up to the competition. DraftKings offers a 2 team teaser at -143, while FanDuel offers it at -130 and William Hill at -120. DraftKings also doesn't open up the bettor to teasers until much later than the other aforementioned books. It is apparent that DraftKings simply doesn't want to take a lot of action on teasers much to the frustration and dismay of its users.

  • Through our DraftKings poll, we determined that approximately 50% of the respondents preferred the dark background. Giving DK users the opportunity to choose between a light or dark background would certainly enhance the platform.

  • One of the major complaints regarding DraftKings was regarding the in-game betting option. When attempting to place a bet, the lines changed so quickly that the user wasn't able to place a bet. Certainly, DraftKings is well within their rights to change the odds during in-game betting in reaction to the handle and the game itself. However, if a user cannot place an in-game bet because of the constantly changing lines, it defeats the purpose altogether.

Sign-up Package

Bonus amount is equal to 50% of the user's deposit amount, not to exceed $500. 10% is instantly released into the player's account. The remaining 90% will be awarded to the user according to the play-thru requirement: for every $25 played on DraftKings Sportsbook or for every $60 played on DraftKings Casino. The play-thru requirement must be met by 12/31/19.

The user's first bet will be matched up to $200. The free bet must be used within 30 days of the first bet. Free bet is not included in any winnings and cannot be redeemed for cash.



  • Visa

  • Online Banking

  • PayPal

  • Skrill

  • Play: Prepaid Card

  • Wire Transfer

  • Bank Account

  • $5 Minimum Deposit


  • PayPal: 3-5 Days - Minimum $1

  • Check: 7-14 Days - Minimum $15

  • Online Banking: 3-5 Days - No Minimum

Betting Opportunities

  • Australian Rules

  • Baseball

  • Basketball Boxing

  • Cricket

  • Cycling

  • Darts

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Hockey

  • MMA

  • Motorsports

  • Rugby Union

  • Soccer

  • Tennis


  • Sides: -110

  • Totals: -110

  • Halves: -115

  • Quarters: -115

  • 2 Team Parlay: +265

  • 3 Team Parlay: +597

  • 4 Team Parlay: +1231

  • 5 Team Parlay: +2389

  • 6 Team Parlay: +4653

  • 6 Point 2 Team Teaser: -143

  • 6 Point 3 Team Teaser: +125

  • 6 Point 4 Team Teaser: +199

  • 6 Point 5 Team Teaser: +310

  • 6 Point 6 Team Teaser: +457

  • 6.5 Point 2 Team Teaser: -155

  • 6.5 Point 3 Team Teaser: +113

  • 6.5 Point 4 Team Teaser: +177

  • 6.5 Point 5 Team Teaser: +274

  • 6.5 Point 6 Team Teaser: +393

  • 7 Point 2 Team Teaser: -165

  • 7 Point 3 Team Teaser: +110

  • 7 Point 4 Team Teaser: +173

  • 7 Point 5 Team Teaser: +254

  • 7 Point 6 Team Teaser: +361

Promotions/Odds Boosts

  • DraftKings offers daily and weekly odds boosts and promotions.

  • Odds Boosts are located on the Odds Boost Tabs

  • Promotions are posted on the main screen, under Promos on the website, and under Rewards on the app.

Sportsbook APP Layout

The DraftKings Sportsbook layout falls in line with their Daily Fantasy site. There is a top menu bar to cycle between different platforms: Sportsbook, Casino, Flash Bet, Pools, Stats Hub, and Daily Fantasy. As you click through each option, the top menu bar remains constant.

The next marquee offers different odds boost and promos that can be flipped through. The window takes up a fair amount of space for just one description, which takes away from the other offers and odds below.

The Quick Links tab is posted beneath the odds boost/promo marquee for different sports and odds boost. This compilation is clunky and offers choices most bettors simply aren't interested in. Customizable Quick Link tabs would be more effective and streamline the betting process.

After a quick Pools advertisement, the odds are posted for different sports with different sport options that can easily be clicked through. The dark background makes the green and white stand out, which makes the odds easy to read. the boxes are situated far enough apart to be able to read and click on each odds without issue.

The bottom bar offers Home, In-Game, My Bets, A-Z Sports, and Rewards buttons. This navigation bar allows the user to filter through multiple different options. Regardless of the sport clicked on, the bottom bar remains constant. This offers familiarity and streamlines the navigation process.

Wager History

A user needs to click on My Bets on the bottom bar to see their wager history. Once clicked, all of the users bets are displayed as the default. The bets are listed on the left and the outcome (won, lost, open) is displayed on the right. There is an Open and a Settled tab at the top of the screen to toggle between which plays have been complete and which are still active. Some open plays have a "cash out option". The user can click cash out for the amount listed. Once clicked and confirmed, the bet will go from open to closed and the cash option will go to the user's bankroll.

Customer Support

DraftKings offer a Frequently Asked Questions page. However, they also allow you to email a customer service. Once a request is submitted, an email is sent to the users in box to memorialize the question and a standard automated email response is sent in reply.

The support team reaches out via the app and email response. Through various exchanges, questions, and problems, the support team has been very responsive and helpful. All exchanges, from the user and customer support are documented within the app and via email.


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