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What are Betting Limits?

The maximum bet amount you can make is considered the betting limit. Sports betting limits vary greatly between sportsbooks, sports, bet types, time of the bet, and even the person making the bet. For the average bettor, betting limits never come into play because of the small amounts they make per bet. However, for the bigger bettors, it can be very difficult to bet the amount they want because of these limits.


The NFL, followed by the NBA, MLB, and NHL, has the largest limits. An unknown bettor could walk up to a window at most shops and bet $2,500 without question on an NFL Sunday morning. If the bettor is a known commodity, it wouldn't be uncommon to get $10,000 down. However, the lesson known sports may have limits to $1,000 per game or even much lower in some instances.


The bet types also significantly impact the betting limits. Spreads and totals generally have the highest limits, while prop bets and exotics plays have the lowest.


The day of the week greatly affects the amount you can bet. When the opening lines post several days before an NFL game, they are traditionally much lower than the day of the game. As the week progresses, sportsbooks raise their limits.

THE BETTOR Although limits are generally a set standard for a sportsbook, they may raise or lower their limits based upon the person who is placing the bet. For instance, a sportsbook may want a high roller's action. They may raise the bettor's limits to ensure they receive their business. Conversely, if that high roller starts winning consistently and the sportsbook starts losing money in the long term, they may lower the bettor's limits or refuse to take their bets entirely.


Most sportsbook allow you to bet the limits and, if the line moves, bet again. For example, let's say you max bet the limit of $2,500 on Team A -3. If the line moves to -3.5, you would be able to bet $2,500 again.


Although there is a general consensus regarding the concept and verbiage of betting limits, there is still great variance on the limit for each sport, bettor, bet type, and the day of the week. It is prudent to research each book individually to determine their betting limits.



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