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Composite 2020 NFL Mock Draft

Despite all sporting events on virtual lockdown for the foreseeable future, the NFL Draft is still scheduled to take place from April 23-25. Sports fans and sports bettors alike have been champing at the bit yearning for an opportunity to escape from the doldrums of life. Enter Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner. Despite dismay from several NFL GMs, the draft will go on as scheduled.

Typically, the NFL Draft is an oversight for sportsbooks. They post odds to remain relevant, but focus their time and attention on the NBA and NHL Playoffs and the start of the MLB regular season. With low NFL Draft limits, the syndicates stay away, which leaves opportunity for the lower stakes player to take advantage of the soft lines.

Unlike actual sporting events, sportsbooks do not have data to aggregate and analyze for the draft. Ultimately, draft prep is run by Twitter rumors, and mock drafts. The bettor that does their homework can make some serious money on the NFL draft.

This year, the NFL Draft experience may be a little different than previous ones. With all other domestic sports shut down, sportsbooks do not have many opportunities to prepare for. It can be assumed that they will spend more time on their own draft prep than ever before, which means they potentially could be harder to beat. However, they are also putting up significantly more NFL draft props because they are trying to gain interest and draw bettors back to their books. Therein lies the rub. There are still tremendous betting opportunities to avoid the vig and beat the sportsbook.

At Avoid the Vig, we have done the heavy lifting for you. We have created a consensus of several mock drafts and will continue to update the numbers and mocks as time progresses. We will also analyze the market place to identify betting opportunities for you and give them to you absolutely free. Last but not least, the bettors that want to do their own research can check out our NFL beat that tracks NFL Beat Reporters from around the National Football League to stay current on the latest draft rumors. In time of great national plight, lets take this opportunity to disconnect and make some money on the 2020 NFL Draft.


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